Sunday, October 18, 2009



Beth said...

Love your photos and your subject headings!
(thanks for the visit)

Cairo Typ0 said...

I love how the man looks likes he's pushing the kid. What an awesome statue!! :)

Limningedge said...

Thank you!
The art on the Singapore River is delightful - this one is so realistic - the boys are suspended "jumping" into the river - see the fellow behind having his photo taken? And the icecream seller does a roaring trade every day, cause every day is hot in Singapore! It's really yummy too and a quarter of the price in the shops.

Connie said...

My kids might take that as an invitation! :D

Limningedge said...

Thank you! I'll be back.

The name of the artwork is "The First Generation" and it was installed in 2000. It is very popular with people on the riverbank, as well as those on the river and it quite difficult to find it free of people posing with it, either pretending to push or stop them jumping!

When you see the water the jump would perhaps not be so inviting. The icecream is better!